Bonita BPM in the cloud




Bonitasoft says : "Bonitasoft partner Amigolog has developed an implementation of Bonita BPM on the cloud for clients who may often not have the time, expertise or budget to implement a dedicated in-house Bonita BPM Server. A cloud option for implementing process applications with Amigolog can be secure and flexible, as well as very cost-effective." More ...


Implement in the cloud, Bonita BPM applications and processes designed with Bonita BPM studio.



Create your Cloud BPM instance with a few clicks, then test it free of charge for one month.


You can then subscribe, on a renewal basis, from periods of 3 months to 1 year.



Download Bonita BPM studio                






Cost of Cloud base service: 4 €/month per user for 5 users minimum.

Your data and applications are hosted in France.





With this solution, organizations can start using their private Cloud BPM applications in a few minutes. There is no additional work or cost related to the installation and management of a dedicated BPM infrastructure.